What is Red Compass?

Red CompassĀ is an integrated Office Software for managing of Bookings, Routes & Distance calculation, Billing, Accounting, Communication and alerts to Clients and App based communication with Vehicle.

Egzample of Booking feature:- The calendar will let you know at a glance the vehicles which are available at their location. There after it continues to track the route taken, maintain history files for disputes resolutions and manage the booking till completion.

The software managess and track every aspect of your operation, from Vehicle Maintenance right through to the reporting of Sales, Hirage, Rates and Utilization Analysis.

Red Compass is web & mobile app based, this means you can start working immediately from any computer connected to the Internet or mobile. Just go to Red compass home page, Log in using your assigned User Name and Password and start using the software.

How much does it cost?

Costs of the SMS & Email notifications to Customers, Booking management, Acccounting, Tracking & Historical database of all activities is a fraction to comparable softwares.

The payment is per bookings handled.

There are no set-up costs, no license fees, no software upgrade fees & no hardware upgrade. Upgrades are continuous and immediate.

Not sure if Red compass is suitable for you ?

We understand that moving to new systems of operation needs to be over viewed. please do not take our word for it, Try Red Compass at no cost.

Please contact us at sales@redcompass.in for a TRIAL. Your trial system will be fully functional, you can key in real daily bookings and then continue with the same data after the Trial if you wish.